Best Damn Strength Program Main Push Lifts Question

Hey CT,
For the progression model for Bench Press, Squat and Push Press, I was wondering if I could follow more of a strength-skill periodization scheme rather than doing a top set each week. For me when it comes to strength gains, strength-skill volume training always works better for me.

Maybe something on the lines of the ‘Complete Power Look’ or ‘Optimal Strength Training for the Natural Athlete’ periodization schemes working in the 80% - 90% range, with the last 3 weeks peaking, utilising 92.5% - 100% range.

  1. Any chance you could layout a 12 week strength-skill periodization scheme to follow for these 3 push exercises in the Best Damn Strength Program allowing to utilise something like a 3 week peaking period to finish off with?

Thanks for the help,

These are not using the strength-skill concept, they are too high in intensiveness for it to be classified as strength-skill. For example 5 sets of 5 at 80-85% is an RPE of 8 or more after the first 2 sets. Strength-skill would be more around an RPE of 7.

I JUST posted a long message explaining how I LOVE to help people out and will do my best to give people more than they expect. BUT that I HATE being put on the spot and be asked for something big, that falls outside what is considered a normal Q&A thing. Like writing a program.

I mentioned that I will sometimes include a progression or even a sample program in the answer to a question, especially if it makes it easier to explain my thoughts. BUT that I will not provide free programs for those who ask about it because it puts me on a spot for something that is outside the scope of an online Q&A forum. It makes me look bad if I don’t provide the free service and as a result it almost forces me to do it. And I hate to feel like I’m forced to do something, or look bad.

I can comment on a progression model that you want to use and make recommendations about how to change it, if it applies.


Ok no problem completely understand.

  1. I guess my question would be can I do the the strength-skill version for the pull exercises from the Best Damn Strength Program and apply it to the push exercises?

  2. As a reference, my goal is building muscle mass, so is having a peak block for 3 weeks going above 90% at the end of a program necessary/better or is say for reference the last block from Best Damn Strength Strength-Skill 5x2, 5x3, 5x4 at 90% just as effective in terms of muscle/strength growth? The end goal would be doing 5 sets with my original/starting 4RM.

Sorry about the previous message, just looking at making this strength part work best for me.

BTW, the Best Damn Program and Diet schedule protocols have change my life, best type of training and eating schedules I have ever done, love it.