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Best Damn Strength Plan 3 Days a Week?

Hi Christian

This is a really good and informative artical (as always)

I understand that 6 workouts a week are best, but what about the Guys who cant hitthe gym more than 3 times a week?

How should we structure our training to get them most out of those 3 days?

All the best


Pick another program. The program is not designed to be done 3 days a week, it is HIGH FREQUENCY.

What would you recommend?

Full Body 3x a week

Lower/Upper/Full Body


What are your goals and how do you prefer to train?

Once volume is accounted for the split itself does not really matter.

Pick the split you like, will progress on,and will stick to, that is the best split for you.

I guess why I was posing the question is that the artical is about higher training frequency and that natural guys needed more frequency than assisted guys.

Surely of those 3 suggestions full body has a much higher frequency as muscles are hit 3 times a week rather than once. Am I missing something here?

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There is more to hypertrophy than frequency and the resultant protein synthesis and most studies done rarely if ever take into account volume before high frequency is deemed superior.

I would do something like taking the first exercise set-rep sequence from the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday workouts and putting them together in workout 1. Take the first exercise set-rep sequence from Thursday, Friday and Saturday and putting them into workout 2.

So the day 1:
Squat: heavy max reps
Pendlay row: strength skill
Bench press: heavy max reps

Day 2
Deadlift: strength skill
Overhead press: heavy max reps
Chin-up: strength skill

Week 1
Workouts 1, 2, 1
Week 2
Workouts 2, 1, 2

Not an attempt to replicate the program in 3 days, but its a pretty balanced way to hit the whole body for strength 3x/week without doing the same thing every day, and the set/rep progressions work well.

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