Best Damn Strength: mTor Sets, Warm-ups?

Hi Coach,

Looking to get some clarification on the warm up sets for the mTOR lifts in the Best Damn Strength plan.

  1. Are the warm up sets done at a 1:1 normal pace?
  2. Should the warm up set weight build up to weight that you will use for the final mTOR set?

Appreciate the work that you provide here on T Nation. Wish you the best.


It is my understanding the mTor preparatory sets are done with a normal tempo. It’s the one work set that utilizes a 5 second negative.

First two sets are preparatory. They can be progressively heavier but they should not cause much cause fatigue or come anywhere close to failure. Use it as a gauge for your working set.

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Both can be done, but I prefer to use the same type of reps as will be done in the work set. I call warm-ups “preparation sets”: they prepare you for what you are about to do. So the rep style should be the same, but not to failure and with a lighter weight.

HOWEVER when you do rest/pause sets the warm-ups are regular sets BUT you use the same repetition style as you will use in the main set.

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Thanks for the feedback!