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Best DAMN Star Trek trailer - possibly EVER

Now, please take note: This trailer will not be officially posted on the Trek site until September 23rd. And it will be shown on UPN and in theaters with “The Four Feathers” later today. But some nice people have mirrored the trailer online, here’s one: www.theflagship.net/ films/stx/media/trailer2.mpg (space at “/” and “films”).

All I can say after watching this trailer is, "WOW". Best damn Trek trailer - ever.

I KNOW that this trailer also “premiered” last night during the season premier of “Enterprise”. So, if you saw it there, congrats. However, on Monday, that means you can save it on your desktop for continued viewing. Patricia :slight_smile:

Hi Patricia. I have been wondering about something with this movie. The tagline is “A generations final journey is about to begin”. Does this mean that this will be the last Trek movie with the Next Generation crew? just wondering although I certainly hope not. thanx

Yes, this is the FINAL movie with the Next Generation crew. Looks to be a memorable one at that, which makes it all so bittersweet. Patricia :slight_smile:

That trailer rocks. It’s looking like the bad guy is Piccard’s clone… am I right?

So, anyone want to take bets on who gets killed off? Being the last STTNG movie, you know someone's going to die...

Okay, I’ll go out on a limb here and take a stab at who gets killed off.

Assuming they’re going to maintain continuity with the series finale, I’d have to say it’s Troi.

remember in the final episode that tension between Riker and Worf? It was all about the counselor, and that she had hooked up with Worf, but later had died. I’m betting she’s the one. As I remember, all the other main characters had made it to the “future” part of that episode. Any one else care to comment.

I say Data get’s “offed”. I can’t go with Troi. brider, I know exactly of which ep you’re talking about. However, oh gosh, I can’t say why I believe it NOT to be Troi, since if I do, I’d spoil the beginning of this Trek. And the reason I think Data? Brent Spiner’s wish has been to kill off Data.

Was that a gratutious sex scene with Deanna Troi? I hope so…lol. What’s the story? They meet that guy & he says he’s god or something & then what? I guess you can’t go wrong w/a pg-13 rating though.

Holy shish, that’s what I thought it said. I know most of them don’t want to keep doing TNG movies, but I can’t believe it’s finally over. They can’t make any more star trek movies. Unless they fully want to kill the franchise with a ugh, voyager movie. And what’s bad is they didn’t even air the trailer during Enterprise. It was at 9:30, right before Jason Alexander’s part as death on the new Twilight Zone. Enterprise is just as bad as Voyager. They should have given the series a break for awhile. Oh no, I almost forgot. DS9! YES!

I hope they kill off Jeordi LaForge. I’ve never been a fan of his character. I guess I find him bland.

Thank you for starting this thread. It would be a crying shame if they stopped making TNG movies. That is keeping this franchise afloat. At first, I was skeptical about TNG. However, they had the best writers, ever. I would give the nod to TNG as a series. I think it is better than the original. They have also made one excellent movie, First Contact.
I think we should form a posse and force Brent Spiner to continue in his one and only role. He will never be larger than Data. He’s kidding himself if he thinks his stage career will reap critical or commercial success. Let’s have the 100 million American trekkie fans show up at his door with grey makeup on and wearing our exact replicas of his uniform and shout things like, “Hell no, you won’t go.” If he can’t be induced to stay on, we should steal his DNA and clone a Brent Spiner. That clone would be raised with one purpose in mind, to play Data in future episodes. Meantime, we could computer generate Data, with or without Brent Spiner’s permission. We should also bring our 100 million strong mob to Hollywood and force the Academy Awards to give every award to Star Trek. We should also make up several new categories. Such as: “Best Drama” and “Best Klingon.” Finally, we should swing the mob around to every major T.V. station and radio station and have every show be re-runs of Star Trek. Every radio station would be episodes of Star Trek. Tell me what you think.

Well first of all, the plotline is interesting, but this trailer made MORE interesting. If any of you get my drift. The Romulans are the baddies along with a new group called “Remans”. This movie (according to the script) has a “Wrath of Khan”, “First Contact”, flavor (I know I’m forgetting another Trek flick…).

Yes, Say, that was Deanna Troi. VEWY interesting to say the least. Especially if you know (like I do)what the opening scene is about.

Bronx: Yeah, DS9. Here's hoping they actually continue the franchise with DS9 - the BEST Trek series.

Uh, Bruce: I'm willing to let Brent Spiner go. He's nearing 50 and beginning to *ahem* show that age. Data is ageless. Plus, the dude's tired! I say let him move on! He can STILL visit the conventions! Anywhoos, like your idea of Trek only networks. However, how about this one: Networks that consist of only: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Battlestar Gallactica, Farscape, Planet of the Apes (remember when that was a TV series?), LEXX, any/all Star Trek, Babylon 5. I'd say Logan's Run, but that series sucked! Especially since Sci Fi channel just let go Farscape.....(bastards).

Right on.

Allow me to finish my last sentence on my previous post: “especially since Sci Fi let go of Farscape” - a couple of networks devoted to Star Trek or sci fi in general would be just dandy. But not ALL channels. God forbid they take out ESPN, ESPN2 and any other sports centric networks! Yikes! So, a TV or radio with just Sci Fi and sports? COOL.

I’m hoping they bring Wesley Crusher back for a cameo… so they can kill the little bastard off :slight_smile:

My prediction is Deana Troi, too. Maybe even... Captain Piccard?

Forgive me for “hijacking” this thread for a moment: All those who have been waiting, such as I, for The Transporter (release date: October 11), here’s another reason to see this movie: The Daredevil trailer will be attached to this flick.

Also, latest actor rumored to be Supes in Superman 5? Billy Campbell (The Rocketeer and TV's Once and Again).

Sorry, that was me who posted “NEWS!!” and “hijacked” my own thread. :slight_smile:

Brider: Actually, the future in the series finaly(sp) may not actually exist partly because it was created by Q’s meddling. I think Data makes that point during the final poker game.

Patricia: Have you heard any rumors about whether they are going to try and take one of the other franchises to the cinema? I think DS9 would be good. Avery Brooks was great in that series. Also, why does Brent Spiner want Data to be killed off?

Yeah, DS9, easily as good as TNG, but for a different reason. And on your sci-fi channel, you forgot to add Stargate SG-1 and Total Recall 2070(that was a decent show). I think Brent Spiner wants Data dead cause he’s sick of the character. LOTS of sci-fi actors usually end up hating the character they are identified as solely(sp).

Ooops, Bronx, I forgot about those. But I haven’t really watched them shows, though. There’s also “Cleopatra in the future” show, too - right? But I felt that DS9 had such a good group of characters and really strong storylines. Much more gritty than your typical Trek.