Best Damn Set with Mountain Dog Training?

Seems like a great idea.
Wondering if this is meant to be incroporated in a Mountaindog style routine, where the last 2 phases where its focused on getting a pump and a stretch are merged together in this one big working set?
Ex Chest workout:
Phase one: Activation: Cable Fly: 2-3 working sets
Machine Press: 2 working sets
Dumbbell Incline Press: 1-2 sets as explained in the article

Thanks coach.

I asked Christian about this on his own forum, but i wanted to post here as well to get others input.

If you haven’t read the article, you basically do a set with:
4-6 reps with a 4 sec eccentric
3-5 regular reps
Then one eccentric rep of 8-10 seconds
Then holding the stretch for 15-45 seconds

So, in a mountain dog training format, you could merge together phase 3(supramax pump) and phase 4(stretch) into one big set.
So you’d do the activation exercise, then a compound focusing on progressive overload, then one exercise done in the fashion explained above.
Activation: Cable Flies (focusing on peak contraction) 2-3 working sets
Overload: Either machine press or dumbbell press (can’t barbell bench because of sore shoulder)
Pump and stretch: DB Incline Press: 1-2 sets of the big set (where you do slow eccentrics and then a few fast ones getting a solid pump, then holding a 15-45 sec stretch at the end.

Any input would be appreciated.
Btw not trying to butcher mountain dog training or CT’s new technique, just an idea i had.



Yeah, liking both coaches, liking this kind of stuff. I most likely wouldn’t do Flies for activation though…

You could go even crazier and using a 2 in 1 exercise with an eccentric contrast: DB bench on concentric, DB flies on eccentric (another CT method), it could work greatly with this method.

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Interesting thought on flyes for activation. Do you get better mind-muscle with presses? Flyes work great for me as pec activation, but it may be another wingspan issue …

I have long arms (193 wingspan for 185 height), I like flyes but I prefer them as a stretch movement. I have plenty of activation and crazy pump with DB work or machine alone, and I can use way more weight

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Yeah, i do it for the mind muscle connection. My triceps always gets cooked on any type of press.

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Same here. Not as bad with shoulder/overhead presses, but definitely with horizontal pressing.

I’ve spent the past few months focusing on bicep and tricep size. I wonder if that will make it easier to use presses for pec activation down the line.