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Best Damn Questions: mTor Sets Method & Double Stimulation

Hi CT,
Loving the best damn program, making great process so far and with the short workouts with high frequency of sessions, perfect for my motivations to continually train hard.

Couple questions on the workouts:

  1. On the best damn program part 2, for mTor sets you have 1 set for 8-10 reps with a 5 second negative. No mention of a 2 sec hold betwen reps as with program 1, just stretch hold after last rep for ALAP. Is that right, or should there be a 2 sec hold between reps?

  2. Ive thrown in a Double Stimulation for triceps and biceps at the end of the week, what method should I do the Double Stimulation the day after from, Rest-Pause/Cluster, mTor or Myo reps? Im leaning towards Rest-Pause/Cluster than the following day Double Stimulation work for biceps or triceps.

  3. For the Double Stimulation sets I’m doing 3 sets of 20-30 reps just to get a pump using constant tension and staying far away from failure. Is that a good method to use, or should I do lower reps 8-12?

Thanks for the help, appreciate it