Best Damn Progression

What’s the progression? Apologies if this was made before, took a quick look around and didn’t find what I was looking for

Double progression. When you get to the top range of the last set (ex. 6-8reps) add weight. So start with a weight you can only do for 6. Use that weight until you can SOLIDLY hit 8. Then add 2.5, 5, or 10 lbs depending on the exercise

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Thanks. How well does the program work for you ?(if u tried it)

Depends on your goals. If you want general fitness or you want size gains. It’s good. If you want strength, not so much. You will certainly get stronger, but it’s not strength training. Which is perfectly fine because no matter the smoke people wanna blow up your ass. You can’t really have both at the same time

Correct. Any lifting program where you are focusing on gradually challenging yourself will increase your “strength”. But you increase strength mostly in the zone you are training it. So if you are training mostly with moderate weights, higher reps and slower tempos you will become better at that but your capacity to lift big weights will not improve as much

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