"Best Damn Program" - When to Deadlift? How to Recomp?

Hi Ct

Your best damn program is great. At the moment my left knee is giving me issues and squating is painful, deadlifitng is fine so I’m going to do trap and deads, would I do these on push or pull day?

Also if I want to recomp, would the set up stay the same and just add some carries a few times a week ?


I’m doing a variation of it for a recomp right now while running the 5/2. Instead of doing three days each of push pull I do:
Mon: pull
Wed:off/LISS on fast day
Sat: squats for volume w/ carries or Lactic acid work
Sun: off on fast day

Feeling great and getting results

And definitely deads on pull day

I’m not so sure about deadlift on pull day. If I’m not mistaken, CT compared the deadlift to a leg press, and said the deadlift is a push, not a pull.

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True dat. You got me there

That’s some weirdass legpress technique… or deadlift technique…

In no way is a DL a legpress, it’s ridiculous and holds no merit what so ever.

yea but you could say that performed in the right way a trap bar deadlift (and a stanch grip ) hits the quads as much as a squat, hence why I don’t know whether to put it on push or pull day.

Technique wise, you do ‘push’ the floor away from you in the beginning of the lift before pushing the hips through

I would do the DL on pull day and trap bar on push day

In terms of pull days, would conventional deads, RDL’s and leg curls work for the 3 lifts or would you replace leg curls with the back extensions/reverse hypers? Also, would trap bar deads on a push day be too much lower back activity with this setup?

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