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Best Damn Program Questions

Hi CT,

I’m actually doing the Best Damn Workout Plan and I really like it. I only have 2 questions about it :

  1. What do you think about switching the biceps and triceps exercise? Doing biceps in the Push days to “pré-fatigue” to use more back on the Pull days (and same for triceps and chest).

  2. Sometimes I fill like I “need” a little bit more pump at the end of my workout… can I add one exercise like 1 or 2 sets of push ups at the end of the push days and an other one on the Pull days ?

Thank you for all your advice Coach !

If I thought it was a good idea, that’s how the program would have been designed. Furthermore training biceps before pushing is NOT pre-fatigue since the biceps is not a prime mover in pressing exercises.


Are you doing your sets hard enough? I had online clients do a similar approach and ask them to film one of their sets and they were NOT going to what I can failure… true failure is not being capable to move the weight even 1 centimeter more…and you have to try! When I do a style of training like “Best Damn” on my last rep, when I hit failure I try to continue pushing with all I have, trying to move a weight that can’t move for at least 3 seconds.

Furthermore the pump is not an indication of growth, at least not with this system.

Can you add one exercise? You can do whatever you want… it’s your training. Would I recommend it? No.


Merci pour ces réponses CT !
Je vais donner tout ce que je peux et plus encore!!!

Hi Coach

Can you clarify that this is the level you should be pushing for in all tops sets for BDW, i.e. the rest pause sets; MTOR sets; and the triple drop sets?

Many thanks

All the work sets

But not for squat/deadlift/bench right?

not for squat/dead, bench is okay

Other question regarding Best Damn program, so I guess it is correct to write in this topic.
I have some trouble understanding max mTor exercise…I understand that the eccentric fase is 5 seconds and then 2 seconds the stretch (hold).
In the exercise like squat(just the example) I can see the point because in the hole is the end of the eccentric movement and there is stretch.
But in the exercise like biceps curl, at the end of the eccentric portion of the movement the weight is hanging of the arm.
Or in the row, at the end of the eccentric portion the back is not in the optimal position to let hang the weight, right?
In the pulldown the weight is stretching the muscle so it’s actually easy to hold 2 second, right?
Sorry to ask maybe dumb question, it is maybe due to not understanding english as it is not my native language, but I would really appreciate if someone can help me understand how to do correctly these exercises.
Thank you.

Yes and if you completely relax the biceps it doesn’t work, you need to keep the muscle tensed/contracted

It doesn’t have to be hard. It’s to get rid of the stretch reflex, and once again you need to keep your lats tenses and contracted

Thank you, Christian.
Now, thinking again, I can see the logic.
Thanks again for your help.

When you train alone, is it ok to do bench press (same for squat) using safety bar in the power rack and not doing full ROM?

Plus I think I’m 2B Neuro Type, and I really like mTOR and Drop Set but not DRP so much… doing something like : a single rest pause and then drop the weight (50%) can be a good method to replace the DRP?

Thanks Coach

What I would recommend is doing as many full reps as you can and when you know you can’t complete any more full reps, do as many half reps as you can with the same weight.

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Yes for type 1A, 2B and 3 , yes (2A for 2 weeks). I’ve done that a lot for my bench press, starting a few inches from the chest. Here’s a video of the squat, this is called a Anderson squat:

You can also do it with a front squat grip or a Frankenstein grip.

BUT honestly on the big lifts you shouldn’t go to failure anyway so there should not be any risk doing the regular lifts by yourself. If you decide to use pins try to use the fullest range of motion possible and control the eccentric. The only neurotype that can get overall development from partial movements are Type 1A

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