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Best Damn Program Questions: Cardio? Training 5 Days/Wk?

1- Can we add cardio after everyday of the program like light cardio or conditioning can be a good option ?

2- example i cant train de 6th day, is it possible to do the program 5th in the am and the 6th in the night ?

Ideally not. It WILL interfere with muscle growth by turning off the mTor that was activated by the lifting, which is the trigger for muscle growth.

Cardio is best done as a separate session EARLIER in the day or on its own day

No, just rotate over more days… so the second week you would start with day 6 instead of getting right back to day 1

Thank you sir for the fast reply !

What about brisk walking on incline trademill for 30min after every workout

Yes, that shouldn’t be a big problem although it would be better as a second separate session. I’d still recommend doing the program as is (no added cardio) for 2-3 weeks prior to adding cardio to see if there is a difference on recovery,


I see a common theme of avoiding cardio (or limiting it) on programs like Best Damn and your Guaranteed Simple Strength and Size.

I’m in law enforcement and have a need for conditioning. I also want to get bigger and stronger. Should I follow more of a seasons of training plan instead of trying to train all three at once?

For example, follow GSS&S as written for 12 weeks and then switch to a strength & size maintenence plan while improving conditioning.

It’s too bad that it’s impossible to be awesome at everything at the same time!

It’s more like I want people to see how their body reacts to the program before adding conditioning work. And when you add the conditioning work see how the body handle’s it and decide if some modifications need to be made

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