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Best Damn Program Log

Aight so i’ve been using the system for some time now, and due to some recent schedule changes it’s been harder for me to get my workouts in, so i thought i’d make this log to hold myself accountable. I actually have the week off, so i’ve been getting in some more work.
Some quick stats:
Weight: 101 kg 12 percent BF
Height: 197 cm

Push 1:
Incline Db Bench Rest Pause: 42,5 kg Db for 8 reps, 4 reps and 3 reps.
Reverse grip smith machine bench Rest pause: 117,5 kg for 8, 3 and 3.
Lateral raise machine: Mtor set
Sled drag for 2 minutes

Standing cable row with stretch: 6 8 10 drop set: 63 kg, 54 kg, 47 kg
Wendler row: Mtor set
Preacher curl Rest pause: 45 kg for 8, 4, 4.
Sled pushing for 2 minutes

Push 2
Pec deck: Mtor set
Behind The Neck Press Rest pause: 90 kg for 8, 5, and 3.
Triceps extension: Mtor set
Sled drag for 2 minutes
Pull 2:
Seal row Rest pause: 82,5 kg for 8, 5, 4 reps.
Overhead trap raise: Mtor set with 25 kg plate.
Drag curl: Mtor set
Sled push for 2 minutes.¨

My goal right now is to 105 kg at single digit bodyfat, and get a little stronger on some of my presses.