Best Damn Program Deload Week

Hey CT,
Just a couple questions on a delaod week for the best damn program.

Ill continue the program as normally structured for the week but drop the intensity merthods stopping 1-2 reps short of failure which works well for the rest pause and myo sets.

  1. Just with the mTor sets, how should I conduct these. Should I use the same technique, 4-5 sec negative and 2 sec hold at stretch each rep but stopping 1-2 reps of failure or should I run normal tempo sets for these like Im going to do for the rest pasue and myo sets?

  2. Also how long should you go between deloads? Im currently finishing up week 16, and although Im not tired from the program and actually still highly motivated with weights still going up, Ive just noticed my muscles deflatting a little this week, so looking to take an easier week to get the body back into shape to start going hard again.

Thanks for the help appreciate it,

I would keep the pause in the stretched position, do the eccentric controlled but not slow (3 sec) and stop short of failure.

The deflated feeling is a sign of elevated cortisol. And excess cortisol can LEAD to what we call neurological fatigue by increase adrenaline levels which can, if maintained for too long, desensitize the beta-adrenergic receptors. When this happens your performance will go down, motivation too.

The thing is that there is no optima deload frequency as it depends on the training program, the individual, is lifestyle and life stress, etc.

Great thanks a lot for the help.

It could be this week its been pretty cold so i think my body was acclimatising to the change in temp, as my muscles feel enflatted again at the end of this week.

Thanks again,