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Best Damn Program - Damn Good but Damn Killing Me

First, just want to say thank you for this series of articles coach. In terms of programs, I’ve been training for a long time, and this is one of the best I’ve used. Strength gains have been beyond belief and size has followed thereupon.

One problem I’m having is that after 5-6 weeks of training really hard and taking sets to failure and beyond, I’m experiencing the classic signs of overtraining - listlessness, decreased appetite, unusually decreased motivation and libido, tired all the time etc.

When I compare this to DC training, even that program has (advanced) trainees, training 3 times a week maximum. Do you recommend dropping the frequency or cycling the intensity on your program? I’m finding it hard to walk in every time and hit a PR and it’s starting to crush areas of my non-gym life too.

Drop the intensity every 4th week if you have the issues mentioned

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