Best Damn Program: Carried Away with Changes, Stalled/Regressed

who else has gradually added in too many CNS draining compound lifts into the programme so that you end up falling on your ass?

i started by replacing leg curls with a trap bar deadlift - 1 top set of a cluster set of 3 with 30 secs between reps.

then i replaced leg press with back squat… then i swapped in 2 x a week trap bar rack pull above the knee in place of ‘easier’ vertical pulling movements.

ha ha…just got out of control, guess what happened? my major pushing exercises - squat, OHP, bench, started to stall then regress alarmingly.

experience experience experience!

I went through a time when I was trying to create “the perfect workout system” and wanted to work every muscle in the human body each week. I nearly drove myself nuts, and then told myself, “keep it simple, stupid.”

That’s why you should stick to the plan as much as possible. Then make VERY small changes when you want to experiment.

Listen, I’m someone who LOVES to do a lot of work. So if it were possible to use that system with a lot of added stuff in, I would have written it that way