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Best Damn Program: Adding Cardio, Changing Lifting Volume?

Hey CT,

I am totaly I hooked on the program however I was wondering what the best way, if even necessary, to modify it so I could do cardio (HIIT mostly, by battle ropes, stair sprints, sprints, and jump rope just to name a few) 2 days a week. I was thinking my week looked like push/pull/cardio repeat. If I did this, should I modify the sets and reps themselves by adding more volume to compensate for the decrease in the lifting frequency? For example instead of doing 2x6 “warm up” sets before the double rest pause, mTOR, or 6-8-10, should I do 3 or 4x6? Or should I keep 2x6 the same and add additional specialty set so do 2 mTOR sets etc…

When I do the typical 2x6xSpecialty I always make sure I’m using heavy weight like you recommended and it always kicks my ass. I totally agree with you of how too much volume is a huge mistake for natural lifters as I have done this before for a longer than I like to admit, and the outcome was not good so I deffiently want to avoid that. But by doing the 2 day lifting/ 1 day cardio, I just want to make sure I’m getting enough stimulation.

Thanks a ton!

Usually adding some volume if you do slowly and you have the work capacity to utilize it, is always going to be beneficial

Not true.

It’s one thing to have the work capacity, it’s another to have the hormonal system to support optimal positive adaptation. People who overproduce cortisol either because of their nature or stressful life might get worst gain by adding volume, even if they have the work capacity to do it.

Very interesting, not trying to thread highjack but do you have success with managing cortisol in your personal training, or training with clients. Vitamin C, avoiding pre workout supplement etc…

Sounds like this would be a good question to ask in your own thread

CT has mentioned training in the morning to coincide with natural cortisol release.
That has helped me because I don’t have don’t have to “wake up” my body to train in the PM which I did for years.

Also Flameout. Sleeping well in the first 4 hours of the night is essential to prevent chronic high cortisol.