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Best Damn Program 4 Days Per Week?

Can I use the workout if I can only get to the gym 4x/week? Should I add a little more volume to make up for the frequency? Thanks!

Just cycle through the workouts going 4days per week. So it would take 6 days or a week and a half to get through them. Then start the cycle again on the 7th training day.

Adding volume really defeats the purpose of the program. So does using less frequency for that matter. I’d just choose a different program (CT has quite a few to choose from here on Tnation and his Thibarmy blog).

Thanks for the reply. I’m 56 and just looking to hold on to what I have and use a program that will minimize the chances of getting injured. I’d like to be able to workout forever. So I’m not looking for big gains. At this point lean and taught are the goals. I’m 6’ and 167lbs if that matters.

The only thing that will get you injured is using poor form and/or going to heavy. No traditional exercises will injure you unless you preform them like I said previously.

The way the “Best Damn Program” is written would be good for you. It allows auto regulation for your body (you only go as far as you can for that particular day, not nessiccarily reaching for an arbitrary goal.)

If you take it easy and work up as you feel comfortable. The “Best Damn” will serve you well for a long time. The workouts are designed with a high frequency in mind (number of days you exercise). Therefore the workouts are designed to be pretty non abusive to the body and very easily recovered from.

I myself have tried it, I didn’t like it for that very reason. I found it to easy and very boring (that’s just me). But from the sounds of it, especially considering your age (I’m assuming you are not an overtly experienced lifter). I’d give it a go. Just like it is written. Start too light, and then progress too slowly (you won’t hear that often, learned from Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1. But that piece of advice is golden) and you’ll be just fine.

Be sure to clean up that diet!

Best of luck!

Thanks for the reply. I was more concerned with overuse type injuries at my age.

Overuse injuries, especially considering reduced frequency, is not anything I’d concern myself with.

This is unbelievably wrong

That’s the point. What I like about this program is it appears to be safe for us old guys. I was just pointing out that as you age, injuries are a factor even with good form.

I suppose if you have mobility issues and you force the matter… Other than that, I don’t really see how. Unless you’re doing something incredibly stupid

I would pick another program then, -going to failure every workout with stuff like rest pause can increase the chance of injury in a lot of people

Dan John’s 40 day workout is good for older guys and you always stay “within yourself” so to speak
’Russian strength skill’ is good if want a Thib program

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I can only guess that you’ve been lifting for 3 months or something.

Good form, proper warm up, staying mobile, working sub-maximally, being hydrated, looking after recovery, sensible amd balanced programming all reduce the risk of injury but they dont eliminate it. If you’re training seriously then there is always a risk there.

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If all of these variables are taken care of seriously. Then the risk is negligible. Only when pushed to far is when injury is most likely.
Furthermore, talking to a beginner. Why would I give any other advice about that? It should take years to get there. And hopefully by that point we should all have sence enough to stay away from the doctor.
Its all about personal goals. I’m making a huge assumption based on your username. You want to be or are a strong man, or you just like to train like strongmen. With the goal generally being the strongest. So of course the risk is higher because of the goal. Same for powerlifters, same for weightlifters, same for crossfitters. But for MOST. Being strong, lean, fast and explosive is enough. Therefore the personal goals should lead to much, much less likelyhood of injury… I’m done ranting

Consider that more people that workout hurt themselves doing menial tasks than they do working out. Injuries are not always avoidable, even with due regard.

True. But doesn’t that prove my point? When people are doing menial daily tasks, not paying attention to what their body is doing, they get hurt.

Im not saying injuries are completely avoidable. But with personal goals that don’t push our bodies to the max. While taking care of recovery and mobility. Using proper weights and mechanically sound form. It really does reduce the likelihood of gym injuries to a very small probability.

I’m not arguing the fact that we don’t get hurt. I’m arguing that if all the things I said above are taken care of then injury is unlikely, not impossible.