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Best Damn Plan For Naturals + Double Stimulation Training + Double Progression

What do you think about mixing your Best Damn Workout Plan for Naturals with Double Stimulation Training? Also including Double Progression Method instead of the special rest pause?
1 - Pull Workout
2 - Light Pump Pull + Push Workout
3 - Light Pump Push + Pull Workout
4 - Light Pump Pull + Push Workout
5 - Light Pump Push + Pull Workout
6 - Light Pump Pull + Push Workout
7 - Light Pump Push

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I don’t like it. I mean, do it if you want, but I would not recommend it.

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What about just doing your Best Damn For Naturals and adding Double Stimulation Training to it? I’ve read that it’s supposed to boost recovery and growth.

No, you are already training everythig 3x a week… please stick to a plan before you look to modify it

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Christian can i ask you one final question please. What do you think about this? Take a look. Basically i’m going to do 5 - 6 basic exercises - squat, chin up, row, deadlift, bench press, overhead press. I’m going to do them every day with 1 set only.
1 - 5 Reps
2 - 6 Reps
3 - 7 Reps
4 - 8 Reps
5 - 9 Reps
6 - 10 Reps
7 - Off

1 - 5 Reps (5 - 10 lbs heavier)
Repeat the whole week.

I’m going to start out with a weight that i can do approximately 8 reps before form breakdown and work my way up. Let’s say that i do this program for a couple of weeks and then going back on a more traditional program.
I’m only doing 1 work set, no forced reps, cheat reps, always leaving a rep in the tank to ensure recovery.

this looks pretty interesting actually

how are you “warmig up” or preparing for that first and only work set ?

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Do one or two warm up sets by ramping up the weight. If i’m going to do my work set with 200 lbs my warm up sets might look like this:
1 Warm Up Set - 160 lbs
2 Warm Up Set - 170 lbs

Some people just aren’t satisfied with the Best, I guess