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Best Damn Plan for Natural Lifters - Women


I’d like to add some BB Hip Thrusts & Squat Stance or Landmine Deadlifts. Keeping the Romanian Deads, where can I add these in?

I’m more concerned with building glutes than I am with pecs.

Any other suggestions to customize this program for women are welcome.



You could (A) work them into the rotation as a"hamstring" exercise, or (B) I personally would drop the bicep exercise and change it to a glute specific exercise. With 2 back exercises the biceps would get enough work, so it would now be
Workout A: Pull Workout
•Hamstring exercise
•Lats/back-width exercise
•Glutes exercise
•Rhomboids/rear delt exercise,


Good point about the biceps. Thank you!
I appreciate the response!