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Best Damn Intensification/Hypertrophy Methods

Hey CT,
Currently doing the best damn program and really enjoying the short sessions and training 6 days a week. I really enjoy the rest pause and cluster methods for the big compound lifts but I’m looking at changing up the intensification methods to try something different particularly the myo reps method.

Here is a list of intensification/hypertrophy methods you have listed from different articles, all that I find intriguing to doing-

Muscle building methods:

  1. Tempo contrast
  2. Multi Hold Pump Set
  3. Intra Set Load Contrast
  4. Regressive Range of Motion
  5. Partial/Isolation Superset
  6. Mechanical Drop Sets
  7. Iso-Dynamic Contrast
  8. 6-8-10 Drop Set

Advanced Rest-Pause:

  1. Tempo Contrast Rest-Pause
  2. Death by Rest-Pause
  3. Omni-Contraction Rest-Pause
  4. Stage Rest-Pause
  5. Drop-Set Rest-Pause


  1. From this list above and any others you think to recommend, which would be the best to exchange for firstly mTor sets and secondly myo rep sets?

Thanks a lot for the help really appreciate it