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Best Damn High Volume Workout: Additional Work on Rest Days? Intensity Techniques?

Hi CT, I have two questions regarding this plan:

  1. Would You advise for Type 2B (low GABA and serotonin, possibly high glutamate) to add some isolation work (biceps, triceps, neck, couple of sets each - or maybe just for one muscle in the block) on rest days?
  2. Would You advise for Type 2B to use intensifiers and special techniques eg. mayo reps for isolations, rest puse, clusters, iso holds or slow negatives etc. for compounds?

Only if the sessions are short (25-30 minutes), done with isolation work, not to failure and ideally with bands or machines

Absolutely not. Most of the weeks have and RPE under 9. And these intensity techniques are all 9+… the whole point of this article is that you can either do volume or train “hard”… if you do more volume you need to compensate by going lower on the RPE scale, not higher.

Makes perfect sense, but just to be sure, mayo reps on two isolation exercises (e.g. dumbbell spider curl, band triceps extensions) on Wednesday (light day) is also no go (on last week maybe?)


Thank You