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Best Damn High Volume: Cardio and Abs, Chest/Back Isolations

After training with 5/3/1 for the better part of a decade (strength with main focus) I wanted to give your Best Damn High Volume Template a shot to put on size and give my body a rest.

Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday are incline treadmill walks 30 minutes with ab/core stabilization work and stretching. Too much if looking to gain size?

Also, Wednesday (Workout 2) What would be proper chest and back isolation movements? I want to stay away from fly motion due to a pec tare 7 years ago and a back movement that would be more of a vertical/horizontal pull. I have also wondered as long as I am in the RPE and rep/set scheme if I could implement those instead of a straight arm pulldown (unless you see as superior for this application). Any other exercise selection suggestions would be greatly appreciated.