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Best Damn for Natural + New Method for Big, Hard Legs

Hey CT, Can we add this 100 reps leg press strategy before your best damn workout ?

I just saw this post and i would like to know if its possible ! it will be a good warm up too

thank you for reply !

no…the whole point of best damn is to minimize cortisol by low volume. The 100 leg press goes against it

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alright thank you sir !! have a good night

Im a type 2 high gaba ! is it good with this workout approach ?

I am a neuro TYPE 2 A, is it a good option for me to do your best damn program or i should stick with something else ?

your Zombie appocalyse workout look really nice, i would like to try it so much but i dont have the space for the sprint and farmer walk and thing that requiere alot of space !

do you have a alternative in your archieve ?


You could do bodyweight squats - 100 reps (switch form a little bit, maybe lunge). Seems even better than leg press…

i get this from his last article dude named : new method for big, hard legs

Its an excellent program so will still work very well without those and still have big metabolic impact

Could prob replace with short bit of HIIT on rower or bike etc

Yes of course, but i would like to have the alternative written by CT or someone else who already ask this question if possible !!

but do you know if the best damn is for a neuro type 2 A ?

its only for the long distance sprint and farmer walk

I feel lIke it’s kinda rude to ignore the great advice given to you by long time regulars here just because they’re not the professional coach that you’re asking for free advice. I’d listen to just about anything rampant badger has to say to you

Ok and now how will you set it up sir ?