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Best Damn Diet: Zero Carb or Super-Low Carb Breakfast?

You talk about a breakfast with protein and fats. Are you really suggesting zero carbs or just super low carbs? I have a smoothie for breakfast every day. I can easily remove the fruit, but I put peanut butter and avocados. Both have a small amount of carbs. My whey protein powder also has a small amount of carbs. Thanks!

You don’t need zero carbs. Something like 40% protein / 40% fats /20% carbs is fine

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Similar question, should Type 3 individuals spread carbs out more during the day to temper cortisol, while keeping the majority of them around workout and night?

Coach , As for the 2A, they are better with 3 meals a day, this article can still be followed, or adapt?

En ce qui concerne les 2A , ils sont mieux avec 3 repas par jour , cet article peut quand même être suivi , ou l’adapter ?

Sure, you just follow the basic concepts, nutrients timing and quanitites but spread over fewer meals

Yep, but you don’t need much carbs to minimize cortisol during the day anyway… 15-20g of complex carbs is enough to maintaint blood sugar levels and minimize cortisol production

Could you give food examples of good fats and proteins to eat. For proteins I eat a lot of whole eggs and chicken and red meat and tuna.
For fats I could use some help. I have used extra virgin olive oil in protein shakes but would.like food examples to add to my diet. Thank u

Avocado (and avocado oil)
Egg yolk
Pumpkins seeds
Pine nuts
Virgin olive oil
Sesame seed oil
Dark chocolate (like, really dark)
Extra Virgin Coconut oil
Fish oil

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You could’ve found it all out by readings T-Nation. Just, search for fat and dig in.