Best Damn Diet - Transition from Cut to Mass Gain

Coach Thibaudeau,
I have been using the Best Damn Diet for a cutting phase, and want to transition to a Mass Gaining phase. I have seen some reverse diet stuff that talks about increasing Carbs & Fats based on a percentage, but here’s my question:
During the transition should I simply increase the factor I am multiplying body weight by to increase calories, then work backwards to find Carbs & Fats? Or is this too quick of a jump in caloric intake?

For example…during cutting I’ve been multiplying BWx11 to calculate Total Calories, then working backwards to find Carbs and Fats by subtracting Calories from Protein first, and then splitting the remaining calories 40/60 between Carbs/Fats. My thought was to multiply body weight by 12 next week, then by 13, then 14, and so on until reaching BWx16 for total calories.

I’d recommend sticking to the same fats and carbs and just increasing carbs