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Best Damn Diet: Max Carbs Per Meal?

Hey Christian,
Just following up from a recent guy’s post on carb distribution during a muscle gaining phase.

I have around 400g-450g of carbs per day, currently I do:
Meal 1 = 0g
Pre/During Drink = 100g
Meal 2 = 0g
Meal 3 = 125g
Meal 4= 200g – 250g

Question 1-
In terms of my distribution is this ok. Is it any more beneficial for muscle growth/weight gain to add carbs in meal 2 or does it not matter (I like not having carbs then, day to day feel better this way)?

Question 2-
Is there a max amount of carbs you could have during a meal? I personally feel great eating 200g – 250g in meal 4 (in all honesty could happily eat more), but is there any problems with absorption eating carbs that high in one sitting, or again not a problem?

Thank you,

Did you read CTs article?

Yes I did, it is a fantastic article.

My questions are just to help for me with implementing his guidelines into my diet, hope CT can help us out.


I would likely shift 25g from meal 4 to pre-during and another 10ish g in meal 1 and 2, also from meal 4 to bring it down to 160-200g

Well, it’s not a problem per say as long as you eat the proper total amount of carbs. If you feel good that way, disregard my first answer. Obviously, the type of carbs can make some difference.