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Best Damn Diet, Lifting 3 Days a Week?


Gear artical on dieting, Im just about to start a bluk again and wanted to ask a couple of questions.

I know most of your training focuses around 4+ days of lifting, hence this question.

I am weight training 3x per week with 3/4 light cardio days on days off.

I need 2200 calories a day (using your BW x 16 rule) but as I train only 3x per week would I have that every day and consume a little less on non training days, i.e. 2200 on weights days and 2000 on non weights days.

In fact is the 2200 an average, should I therefore be increasing in weights days, say 2400 and decreasing on non weights days say 2000 giving an average of 2200?

Hope that makes sense, Im sure it has a pretty simple answer, I just wanted to check.

Thanks in advance.

Honestly your starting point isn’t super important since you assess weekly if you need to increase, decrease or maintain your intake. Personally I would start with the average of 2200 and do 2400 on lifting days and 2000-2100 on cardio days for a start. But you might need to adjust it upwards pretty quickly

Thanks very much