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Best Damn Diet: How Are These Macros? Measure Vegetables?

Hi guys my first forum! I’m a huge T-Nation fan, followed everything the last few years and finally made it onto the forums.

I’m trying to piece together a nutrition plan based on the best dam diet for natural lifters, following the training template too. This will be my first attempt at following a more measured and structured diet so sorry for all the questions. Looking to add abit of muscle I’m currently 102kgs, that’s about 224lbs, and 6ft 5 aiming for the 250lbs mark eventually.

My “macros” will be 312g carbs 275g protien and 138g fat sound about right?

Also would you measure the vegetables you have with meals, handfuls of Spinach, peppers asparagus etc.

Based on the article…

224 x 16 = 3584 calories

275g protein = 1100 calories (2484 cals left)

60% of 2484 = 1490 cals / 372g carbs

That leaves 994 cals left, or 110g of fat.

I used the top end of the carb recommendation since you’re trying to gain weight.

I wouldn’t count every vegetable, but I’d count the larger portions. For example, I don’t worry about the five leaves of spinach I throw on a burger but I’ll count a half plate of green beans.

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Thanks a mill.
I was wondering if I should go 60/40 will do

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I enjoy carbs and they’re our main source of fuel. I would go with 60% but if you don’t like that approach then try 40 it 50.

Some people don’t tolerate carbs well. They get bloated and don’t feel good. I like my carbs. They help me feel full and satiated after a meal (with protein). I consider 200g of carbs to be a low carb day. :smile:

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And what percentage is good carbs/bad carbs struggling to get that amount of carbs down whilst sticking to the timing guidelines

Aim for as many good carbs as possible.

What time do you typically train?

Normally in the afternoon 330pm

I know the article said to eat protein and fat before your workout but I can see how you’ll have difficulty getting in all those carbs that late in the day.

If I were you then I’d eat carbs at lunch, more as a pre-workout, post-workout (dinner) and maybe a few more as an evening snack.

There are a lot of ways to go about this. Some people eat carbs for breakfast, lunch, and around their workout and cut them off in the evening. They still get results.

Spread your carbs out over all meals if that’s what it takes. You could also drop the carbs and increase your fat because grams of fat have 9 calories compared to 4 calories for carbs. That would be less overall food for the day.

Eat protein first in your meal. It will reduce the effect carbs have on your blood sugar. Do the opposite for your post-workout meal. Eat carbs first to increase blood sugar and insulin.

Thanks so freaking much :pray: really appreciate the help. I might increase fats a-bit in the beginning to make sure I get the carbs in, will keep you updated. Will redo some maths and planning