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Best Damn Diet Compared to Other Approaches?

How does the best damn diet compare to other approaches viewed in a pros/cons-kind of way? I understand you considered all of the other alternatives when writing this piece but it’d be interesting to understand how other approaches compare.

My thinking is that the Best Damn Diet seems to me ultimately suitable when dieting specifically, as the carb timing will help with sleep quality and since you are in a deficit those late-day carbs will presumably not be stored as fat.

Meanwhile, take something that sort of follows the Hatfield rule of eating for what you are about to do and just have done,

P+C (15%)

P+C (30-35%)

P+C (20-25%)

P+C (20-25%)

Where all other meals are P+F and vegetables, and meal frequency follows from how lean you seem like it might be more suitable for the people that are,

  1. More active
  2. Train slightly before dinner
  3. Have satiety (and adherence problems)

This then favours additional anabolism with the drawback of potentially encouraging more fat gain but it’s hard to say as you might have more energy in the gym (pre-workout carbs). Furthermore, you’ll get more carbs in from whole-foods which is beneficial from a nutritional standpoint. You’d have less dopamine amping you up before the workout though. And GLUT-4 is sensitized from the workout for the post-workout carbs even though your cells might be somewhat desensitized to the effects of insulin by this point.

Meanwhile, if you were to restrict your carbs to intra- and post-workout (Berardi Precision Nutrition approach) alone you are potentially sacrificing some performance, and nutrition whilst ensuring minimal fat gain and would possibly be ideal for a more sedentary individual?