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Best Damn Diet: Change Carb Timing?

Hey CT,
Question on carbs daily distribution following your Best Damn Diet guidelines when adjusting to muscle/weight gain. I also follow your advice on 3 weeks blitz eating surplus followed by 1 week eating maintenance or deficit depending on how im progressing/looking, works great!

Currently I have 4 meals plus a pre/during amino workout drink, the breakdown is as follows:
Meal 1- Protein / Fat
Workout Drink- 100g Maltedextrin / 15g MCT Oil
Meal 2- Protein/ Fat
Meal 3- Protein / Carbs 100g / Fat
Meal 4- Protein / Carbs 200g / Fat

Total calories are just over 3,000 and feeling great with this distribution structure whether I’m in a surplus or deficit. I’m putting all this down very easily especially Meal 4 with 200g carbs (look forward to it each night, could easily up carbs in either meals 3 or 4), but with this my weight hasn’t seemed to move up over the last 2 surplus blitz’s.

Question 1-
Obviously you would look to increase calories but as a first change would distributing my total carbs to include meal 2 make a difference in chances of weight gain. I actually feel better and prefer not having carbs in meal 2 after my workout, which is why I have pushed them back to meals 3 and 4, but would having carbs in more meals throughout the day have an effect on weight gain, or does it not matter?

Thanks for the help appreciate it,

Then, by definition, you weren’t in a surplus.

Redistributing your carbs by borrowing some from meal 3 or 4 wouldn’t put you in a surplus.

100% correct

Again, 100% accurate

The simpler answer/solution is normally the best one: if your weight is not increasing it’s either that you are not consuming enough calories FOR YOU or that you are not absorbing them properly.

Thanks Allberg and CT for the feedback.

Ok I was working off for instance, when consuming the same number of calories, if you fasted throughout the day it would be harder to put on weight than if you ate throughout the day. So, I was interested to know if carb distribution would have a similar effect.

Question 1-
So it doesn’t matter where I put the carbs, I could even push them all to meal 4, make no difference, just got to push the calories up to get weight moving up?

Question 2-
As a side note, how do you know if your body is not absorbing the calories properly?

Thanks agian for the help guys,