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Best Damn Diet: Calories for Current or Goal Weight?

Should the 11 calories per pound suggested be my current or goal weight? I’m currently following a 210carbs, 190protein, 68fat plan and have been losing about 1.75lbs per week since Jan 1. My starting weight was 206 and I’m looking to get around 175 while hopefully keeping my muscle. These numbers were just suggested to me by someone at my gym but everything I read, including your article, suggest I should lower my numbers. I’m very strict M-F, and have about 3 normal size cheat meals over the weekend. I work an office job and do an hour crossfit class 5-6 times a week which consist of about 25 minutes of heavy lifting and 20 minutes of HIIT. If you could provide any advice or pointers, I’d really appreciate it.
Thanks, Mike

Current weight and you adapt it weekly as per the article anyway