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Best Damn Deloading


I just finished my fourth week of the basic version of the program and due to my powerlifter-mentality, I at starting to feel pretty damn banged up. I searched through all the topics on the program and found no discussion on deloads. You did once mention that you have already written the longer term progression model, but now a month later it still doesn’t seem to be up.

In the past, my deloads have been two tiny workouts with only one “wake-up set” on squats and bench and a third where I take my new training maxes. Given that this is a bodybuilding program and I care very little what I actually lift right now, how to deload on a program like this?


A la Dorian Yates, for 1-2 weeks just drop the intensity/drop set type work and stop 1-2 reps short of failure on the compound moves


Exactly. Basically instead of going all out, do the same program but 1-2 reps less per set.


Awesome, that is actually exactly what I ended up doing this morning. 2 weeks of this it is then. Thanks a ton!