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Best Damn Cardio for Natural Lifters: Loaded Carries?


Quick questions about the timing for the lactate training;

Do loaded carries fall under lactate training?
Would these be okay to do post-lifting? Or better to do before training as stated in the third option of “when”?

I see loaded carries as another lifting exercise. The exception would be if they are done for 90-120 seconds sets. If not, they can be added to the workout since they are another strength lift, even though they have energy systems benefits



If training…

Sunday- Off
Monday- Bench press
Tuesday- Off
Wednesday- Squat
Thursday- Overhead Press
Friday- Off
Saturday- Deadlift

When would you recommend the sprint days and when would you reccomend the walking days?
Thank you

It depends when you plan to do them. Separate days? Separate session earlier in the day? At the beginning of the workout?

It would have to be on separate days or directly before a workout. With my schedule I cannot do 2 sessions on the same day

^ Personally, I plan on walking during my lunch break and lifting later in the day. I’ll do loaded carries instead of sprints.

Coach would doing one tabata session after lifting be detrimental to gains as well?

Ive been doing usually 2 tabata sessions a week after lifting one focusing on lower body and one on upper body (battle ropes, explosive step ups, thrusters, db swings and med ball slams for example) so only 8 mins a week done after lifting. Ill pair an upper body focused tabata after an upper body day workout as a “finisher”.

Would it be best to do before my lifting?