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Best Damn Cardio Article: Finishers and Cortisol?

What categories do complexes (as finishers) and rest pause finisher sets fall under in regards to cortisol? Good idea/ bad idea for weight loss? Good idea/bad idea for keeping fat off in general while trying to gain muscle? What about loaded carries with regard to cortisol. Best after workout or as their own workout for fat loss? For generally keeping fat off while trying to gain muscle?

Also I wondered whats your current opinion about carbs in the morning to reduce cortisol for the day. In your carb cycling article this is mentioned as a strategy. I haven’t seen you recommend it since, carbs are only specifically recommended around workouts and in the evening. Was just curious if your opinion has changed on the carbs first thing in the morning to reduce cortisol strategy. Thanks!

Bad idea. The cortisol monster will eat all the hard earned gainzzzzz you have made after a 10 minute finisher.

Seems like a pretty straightforward question. Several of Christian’s articles are about cortisol. T nation has several other articles that I find interesting about using finisher sets…wondered what his opinion is on them. But all I got was a sarcastic response…glad I joined this forum. Very helpful.

I dont think it will have that much negative impact. It will definitely burn the fat but might have a slight impact on muscle gain.

Do the sprint 8 by Phil Campbell. 30 sec all out with 1:30 to 2:00 rest.

If you could separate it by 5 hours or so from lifting or do it on an off day that would be better if muscle gain is more important than fat loss for you. If maintaining muscle and losing fat is more of a priority then after a workout would be great at burning fat.