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Best Damn 2 with Direct Trap Work


Hi coach, how could I place direct trap work into this new template? Thanks


You could replace one abs/forearms/calves day with traps.


What would be the best method to use?


Uhh whichever approach you want? It does have 3 methods for a reason (although I might not go with rest pause or clusters depending on how taxed I am)


Exactly right


The mTor or myo reps



I just read your trap training article on ThibArmy. Would it be too much to add (or substitute) trap training on every pull day? I’d like to make traps a point of emphasis for awhile.

I’ve always drifted towards high volume training. I’m weary of adding anything to the program so I don’t screw it up.

On a side note, I just had hip surgery so I’ll likely be using DBs only (for traps) for the next few weeks. I’m currently limited to 50% weight bearing on my bad leg. I could see myself doing rest/pause, mTOR, or myo reps with DBs.


As I mentioned in the article you can add one exercise per workout, you can make them traps all the time