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Best Damn 2 Prep Sets and "Warm Up"

Also noticed that lately with all the Neurotype content that on the forums that the type 2s get all the love. I’ve tried multiple times to get a response for 1A programming with no success. But I’ve seen full on article length responses from Coach to type 2 posts. A little frustrating but I suppose it’s CTs prerogative to do with his business what he wishes

Well you can go on thibarmy.com an look at the videos about Type 1A … I’ll get to your questions soon. It was not out of disrespect or anything

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Never took as disrespect. Thanks for the reply. And thanks for your videos! My program came from all of your free info. Thanks for that

Honestly it’s because your post is a program critique request. I have to be in my best mind set to do those because they actually require more focus and energy for me than writing a brand new program. I could just look it over and say “yep that’s good”. But when I critique a program I analyze every variable it takes time and effort if I want to do a good job. And at the moment I’m mentally drained. I’ll do my best to get to it when I feel better.

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I highly respect that. Thank you for being honest, I really appreciate it and understand.