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Best Damn 2 Cluster Reps

Love the program! Thanks for sharing it!

2 quick questions.

On the heavy work I chose to do Clusters. On Push Day 2, I did military press with a weight I can get around 2 to 4 normal reps with and I did a total of 7 cluster reps. Is there a target range you should be at with a cluster set, and know when to bump up the weight for the next session?

Is there any replacement for the leg curl for hamstrings? I do not have access to one.

Thank you. Merry Christmas

GHR. No need for a machine. Just something to pad your knees and a sturdy place to anchor your feet. Plenty of YouTube videos. These are the absolute best at isolating the hams (for me).

Normally when we can do 6 quality reps or more we add weight

Try option 2.

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