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Best Dairy/Egg-Free Protein Powder?


So I did an IGE and IGG food test and tested positive for all dairy products, gluten products, rice, and eggs.

So I guess this limits me to Hemp or Pea Protein.

Anyone have a recommendation on a good quality, good tasting protein powder?

I also thought maybe I could take 20-30gms of BCAA with 1 scoop of protein powder. I normally do 2 scoops of whey (50-60 grams protein) and 5-10 grams of BCAA post workout.

Any suggestions.




I've got a bunch of pea protein. Didn't cost too much, just wanted to try something different.
Tastes like shit, but oh well.


Pea protein

Can't really mention other brands on here. Google it.


I seen an add for a protein supp made from beef somehow? I haven't looked into it because this mag was from about 5 years ago. I figured if it was popular i would have heard about it by now.


its called something like carnivore. i think kai greene endorses it


I haven't tried it myself, but I've heard it tastes fucking disgusting.


...well so does chicken breast


I love them. I have eaten upwards to 5-7 chicken breasts a day.


im joking i eat CB pretty muc every day too.... the beef protein i tried wasnt that bad but then again i dont despise chicken breast which seems like every one else hates lately tooo


^^LOL that's exactly why I couldn't tell you were joking. I don't think there's a food more hated on these forums.


people need to learn to cook. OP there are places that let you mix your own protein. just google custom protein blend.


What do you guys think of only taking high dosages of BCAAs and glutamine after workout.


I bought a tub and didn't even finish it. It doesn't taste too bad, but every time I opened the container my whole apartment would smell like rancid meat. Makes me gag to even think about it.


Supplements are great and all, but there's really no point in half assing your workout nutrition. Back in the day people would just eat a regular protein and carb meal immediately after training.

After you lift go home and cook yourself some meat and potatoes. You will be fine.


OL Pea Protein isn't bad. Many pea proteins taste like your drinking crushed up peas! I've gone through about 3 tubs of this stuff. You can pick it up at The Vitamin Shoppe for around $25.




This might be naive, but couldn't the OP just, say, shotgun two cans of tuna out of the can and get the equivalent of two scoops of whey PWO? I mean, do we really think that pea protein powder will make that significant a difference?

Sorry to hear about the food allergies, OP--that's rough going. Some people suggested it already, but I'll just echo that I've heard that high quality isolates don't aggravate lactose intolerance.


2 cans of tuna every day, post workout?

The risk of mercury poisoning is overstated for the most part but 10-14 cans of tuna per week is just silly.

The difference in satiety alone is enough to make that a far from ideal answer.


Agreed. 2-4 cans a week is more than enough!0