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Best Cycle

I’m 220, 24 yrs old. I just took 6 months off from the gear, and am going to get back on and want to gain about 10 lbs of lean mass, get rid of some water and fat, and overall tighten up.

My last cycle was:
800mg/wk Test, 600mgEQ/wk, 300mgTren/wk , I liked it and gained about 15-20lbs but would love to trade 10 lbs for a cut/ water free look.

I want to know if you guys have any cycles that really worked well for you for something like this I’d love the suggestions. Thanks

Obviously, its a bit more difficult to gain 10lbs at the same time you lose fat and water than merely doing one or the other.

Something like this should work pretty well for your needs:
Test w/proviron

You seem to understand appropriate doses but I will add that you’ll wanna be at 50mgED for the proviron, 50mgED of winstrol, .25mg A-dexED. Clen is tougher to dose. Start around 60mcg ED and go up 20mcg a day until to find what works best for you.

How long do you suggest to run that? I’ve only taken winni shots not tabs. I know shots are better, but with all the shots I’ll need from the fina I might consider winni tabs so I dont have to shoot the same area twice in 1 week. Whats your take on the shots vs. tabs?

That’s a pretty good cycle. I would second that.

As a general rule you are better off with fast acting/short estered gear that doesn’t aromitize if you want make lean gains. If you do have gear that aromatizes then you need to make sure you take care of the estrogen.

Low doses of HGH will give great fat loss benifits as well.

This is overly complicated but shows the options:

Test prop 100mg/d
Tren Ace 75mg/d or NPP 75mg/d
Winny 50mg/d
Masteron 50mg/d or Proviron 50mg/d
Adex 0.5mg/d
HGH 4IU/d (2 on, 2 off)

I would rather go with a low calorie diet and do some sprints and skip the clen but that’s me.

best of luck bro.

tabs will do the same thing but you have to bump the dose a little.
they are a little harder on the liver too.

Masteron will work well for your purposes, I’m on week two of Test, Deca, Masteron, and holy crap Masteron works great for hardening up, this is the first time I’ve ever used Masteron and so far I like it, I’m using 100mg 3 times a week, it works very fast also.