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Best Cycle


This one is obviously for the AAS expert. What has been the best cycle for you? Please include as much detail as possible, I'm directly referring to the most mass, strength gains, and what did it cost you (sides experienced). Thanx alot.


The most results i got was from this one
1-10 T400 1m;/wk
1-10 Eq 400mg/wk
7-12 tren 75mg/eod
1-8 Arimidex .5mg/ed
9-14 Nolvadex 10mg/ed
HCG 500iu starting 2nd and taking it every 10 days for the rest of the cycle.
Climid post cycle .

The results i got from this cycle were pretty darn good , overall strenght went up and size and definition defenitly showed after this one. Defenitly recommend this one but NOT for a BEGINNER !!


More details on the gains please (numbers), and side effects?


test and deca 525mg each for 12 weeks...Last shot of test being the 10th week and last shot of deca being the 9th week.
The only side I noticed was that the deca was pretty suppressive as my usual pct protocol that usually works like a charm did not jumpstart the boys as soon as I would have liked.



Mike, did you track your progress from start to finish, if so, spit out those numbers, I like that stack, its pretty standard in the AAS world, very effective. Thank You.


prop and drol 4 week shorty.

prop 150 mg EOD
drol 50 mg ED
clomid, nolva, TRIBEX and ZMA for PCT

this was my 3rd cycle. excellent size and stength gains. kept virtually all of my gains post cycle. no sides with minimal suppression, i bounced back immediately during pct.


I did bro...It should be in a thread titled "pct experiment w/ dbol"