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Best Cycle You've Done


The title says it all but let me give you some background on myself...

         I've done a total of one cycle (test 500mg- 9 weeks) and i was wondering what compounds I should look into for my next cycle. I don't really wanna be on gear too long( preferable only 8-10 weeks).This is because I like the breaks in between where I can gain muscle naturally as opposed to while "on".

Wondering on possible compounds I should look into for bulking up and would also like to here from others on what their favorite compounds for this purpose are.

Some choices would be:
A) Increase the test to 750mg (hey, if it ain't broke don't fix it lol)
B) test /deca
C) test/EQ

Thanks a ton fellas for the replies!


I assume you mean test enanthate or cyp was your first cycle.

If you are wanting to keep it as a bulker you could
1)Run 500mg again, but frontload this time
2) Use a frontload, and bump the dose up a little
3) Use a frontload, and us an oral (for bulking anadrol is my favorite. Puts weight on better than anything) at the end and briging to PCT.

Deca and EQ should be ran longer than you are proposing (8-10 weeks) so they are not your best options.

You could add other compounds, but I would just keep it simple like that.


400mg Test/200mg Masteron/200mg tren a week. Gained strength, built muscle and burned fat.


sorry for not specifying exactly what i ran man =) i frontloaded a gram the first week of test e followed by 500mgs in the following weeks, i also ran dbol first 4 weeks 50mgs per week.. pumps were.... INSANEEE!!!


thanks for the advise man, do u think i could just get away with test/tren and leave the masteron for later. My goal is to add only one compound per cycle to know exactly what works for me . On this site it seems to be most ppl do 500mgs test/ 300mgs tren per week, not sure if thats ideal though don,t wanna overdue it too soon lol


I would just bump the dose of test....

But if you insist on adding another compound, then I would try test/tren.

You could go several routes

High test, moderate tren... 500mg test, 400mg tren

Low test, high tren ... 125-250mg test, 600-800mg tren

I had sort of disregarded the high tren/low test stuff, until recently. Now a LOT of top name powerlifters in the US are discovering that this is what has been going on in many Eastern European countries for years.

They are going high tren, or high deca, or high EQ with low test and it is working very well for everyone I know who is trying it. Apparently they are also finding that EQ year round (obviously for cruise/blast guys) gives good strength gains, and that it really seems to start helping around the 16-20 week mark. Granted, this is fairly new to my circle of friends, and I may be repeating things that have already been known, but they are loving it. Far less sides, and better results. One dude is using 2 grams of EQ, and a gram of tren with 100mg test and went from around 290 to 310, and is significantly leaner now.


I've not tried many other combinations but high tren doesn't agree with me. The reason I believe this was so effective is because of the synergistic effects of the three compounds, but I can't prove that.

We (as in my social circle) call this stuff 'TNT' and I've never heard of anyone being disappointed with the results.


What did this look like exactly?
100 prop EOD, 50 mast, 50 tren ace EOD?
how was your cardio on the tren?


Most productive was Mast, Tren, Prop, tren dosage was at 1250 and the others where half of that, sides where unbearable after 2 months and recovery time sucked, body recomp felt crazy every morning, I gained ten pounds first month and cut 10 pounds second month...
Most fun was D-bol, sus, deca, EQ...


No, I get this stuff called 'TNT' It is, per ML: 200MG test cyp/100mg masteron enan/100mg Tren enan. I just did 1ml E3D :wink:

Tran at that dose (200mg per week) didn't negatively effect me in any nticable way like in terms of mood/cardio.

I do have some of the stuff you mentioned, we call it 'one rip' I will use it but the ED pinning is a nuisance, so I'm saving it until I can be bothered to pin myself ED for a couple of months!


That TNT stuff sounds fucking awesome. i got to find me some of that


All you need to do is mix the three compounds in that ratio if you can't buy it 'ready mixed'. Its pretty fucking handy though, only needing to pin 2ml a week.


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Are there any drawbacks to sub-q injections? I am curious why it is not a more popular means of administration? Is there much difference in the rate of absorption? Is it only feasible with short estered drugs?



I've got no issues with ED pinning, I'll use back filed insulin monojects, its more of an inconvenience than a problem. The good thing about one rip, as opposed to TNT, is that when you inject on training days you can inject a little more than on non training days so you get the extra boost on the days you need it, though if I want that I just take 50mg Anadrol and 25mg winstrol pre workout :wink:


did some further reseach and im either looking at a test/deca or a test/tren. I know ideally test/tren will yield better results especially due to the fact that i will be cycling during the summer. However though, the sides are a real concern for mine and i dont wanna get my back against the wall so to speak. Would cycle layout like this

Weeks 1-10 test 500mg
Weeks1-8 deca 400 or 300 mg (havent decided.)
Weeks 1-4 D bol
Adex .5-.25 ed
Weeks 11-12 25mg dbol up until pct

be alrite?? dont really like long cycles but i wanna make sure that if i do use a compound i dont wanna half ass it. Ive seen 6 weeks of deca wont really be long enough but is 8 acceptable?


sounds too good to be true... is the generally sold as a premade mix or what?


Too good to be true? Haha! It may seem that but I can assure you its real, I get it in a pre mixed 20ML bottle, so it lasts ten weeks :wink:

Remember I'm in the UK so this kind of thing is much more readily available. The stuff I get is made by a company called 'Wildcat' and I don't believe its under dosed either.


fcuking USA lol im so jealous


If it makes you feel any better we pay shit loads of tax and property prices are through the roof...