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Best Cycle to Keep Gains


i need some help. i want to start my first cycle and would like to know what cycle would be the best to keep my gains after the cycle



Just incase you are curious why no one will answer your thread its b/c you have put forth no effort and want us to do the work. Start by reading the top threads of the forum then we'll go from there.

How about some specs about yourself..

Age/Height/Weight/Yrs Training/Diet/Goals

This information will help us give you better advice that suits you



Not only do you need to do more research into the drugs you wish to use during your cycle but also into AIs, SERMs and PCT methods. Proper PCT is vital to keeping gains, regardless of what type of cycle is ran. My vote goes to the test taper over conventional PCT. Read up on both, come back with a proposed cycle and PCT.


I was thinking sustonon 250mg/week for 10 week and winstrol 30-50mg everyday for the last 4 weeks. As far as a pct goes, I'm not sure how to incorporate it with my cycle, maybe you can help me a little. I'm 29 5'8" been training for about 2 years and follow a good diet.


Sorry I forgot to give my weight, 177lbs


I will help you a little, read the test taper thread stickied at the top of this forum. Then let me know how you think your PCT should be laid out and I will help from there.

Test and winstrol is not a bad choice for a first cycle. Though the test looks a little low.


2 years of training really isn't that long...you sure you need to hit the gear already?


A few things..

First thing(which you probably wont listen to) I am pretty sure you could get quite a bit more out of training naturally for another year or two atleast.. maybe fix the diet a bit.. post it here we'll be glad to help critique. Starting to early will make it hard on you later.

Second.. i am thinking you havent researched very much if you cant find information on PCT for a test cycle. Like 2thepain said.. the stickied thread on taper would be a good start.

Third.. sustanon at 250mg/wk.. i really hope you dont plan on injecting 1ml/wk in one shot.. ???? Using sustanon you're going to need EOD injections. In addition to that I would probably double your dosage for an effective dose.

I am currently doing a sustanon cycle so if you have questions regarding it you can PM me but please do some research.



Im not sure about the "best cycle to keep your gains" exists.

You should have some type of pct after your cycle
its up to you what you would want to do. clomid, nolvadex,
test taper, nothing.

The biggest mistake people make post cycle is not eating enough calories especially protien.

You still need to get to the gym and workout but dont go balls to the walls like your on gram a test a week. you will atrophy fast with this aproach. scale your workouts and volume back within the first month of ending your cyle.


Test Decca Dianabol.

Test 500 or 750 per week
Decca 400 per week
Dianabol 30 to 50mg everyday for 6 weeks

Expect lots of bloat with this cycle. With size comes water and fat as well so........... welcome to the world of gaining muscle.

No drinking at all while on this cycle. NONE! You don't need the extra tax on the liver with the alcahol.

You'll need some Nolvadex on hand while you are on. If you don't know what that is and you have not mapped out your PCT, then you have no business starting something only to half-ass finish.

Get with us on your PCT protocol. Let us see what you come up with then we will tweak if we need to.

good luck bro,


Who (among the vets) does a cycle with the thoughts of losing the most you've gained? Does that make sense? What I mean is, keeping gains is the golden goose. Everyone is looking for maximal muscle retention.

I don't think you're ready. But that's just my humble noob opinion.


test 500-1000 mg/wk
decca or eq 200-600 mg/wk

optional kick start and for pct test taper with a high (EPA) fat diet.