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Best Cycle to Help with Injury?


Hey all, I am sure I will get bashed for this but w.e., I have been battling a torn labrum in my shoulder for about a year and a half now. I have done injections of all sorts and they have certainly helped but I am not 100%. I dont want to get surgery on it so I am looking for alternate solutions. My question is......

Does anyone think that a short Deca cycle will help repair the issue?
Anything else that may have healing effects?

Thanks in advance.....


Try Naproxin it's a NSAID. If it keeps up you might have to at least consider surgery brother.


Steroids are probably a bad idea for tendon/ligament issues.

GH and other GH releasing peptides are probably a better bet.


Naproxen, Celebrex, all that good stuff has had no effect. I have tried it all, sucks. I just wanted to try something that would be an alternative. I personally have never used gear as I try to be an "all natural" lifter but this is pushing me toward trying alternatives.


If you havent used steroids before, injury rehab is definitely not the right time to start.

Do some researh into the things I mentioned above. Steroids arent magic


GHRP 6 and GHRP 2 are cheap and effective. Look into that. Bonez is right, AAS are not the best option.

Although I did read several things about var being very good for faster healing....and there are AAS that do help collagen synthesis, ect.... but peptides are far cheaper and you can obtain them easier and legally (well, GHRPs are semi legal anyway... research chemicals)

GHRP 6 or GHRP 2 would be my advice. Is it a complete tear?


Sorry it took so long to reply.....it is not a complete tear, partial with a cyst that formed as a result of it. I looked into GHRP and it seems to be a good option. Any advice on the cycling length?


No need to cycle peptides.