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Best Cycle for MMA/BJJ Competition?

[quote]ReturnOfTheChub7 wrote:
Whotookmyname said it best.

Halo and cheque drops help really bring out the ‘killer instinct’ especially if you’re beginning to fatigue from weight cutting and/or deliberate over-training when peaking before a competition.

Both also have a positive effect on strength and V02 Max.

Just be careful with the cheque drops, that’s why I would restrict them to just prior to your fight.

Of course you don’t have to worry about weight cutting you lucky SOB.


agreed, they are alos really harsh on the liver.
however I think cheque drops are really hard if not impossible to find even.
Halo is around but not so much anymore
these are a couple of old school compounds

Halo is definitely attainable - if you have decent sources.

Cheque drops isn’t happening for 90% of users.