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Best Cycle for MMA/BJJ Competition?


So, I do some submission grappling tournaments and am thinking about doing an mma competition within the next year. I realized the hard way that a tren ace/test cycle is not ideal due to tren's effects on endurance. So, ideally I'd like to increase strength while maintaining endurance. Weight gain isn't that much of an issue as I'm a heavyweight (270 pounds right now). Any thoughts on a good cycle for these purposes? Thanks.


Masteron is decent for strength but I have no idea how it impacts endurance. I assume it is easier than tren though. Anavar is also a possiblity but the strength gains are no where near tren or masteron. It is the only oral I'd recommend because some others are not that comfortable to use (dbol because of back pumps and drol because of blood pressure)


IIRC Ironjoe commented on Masteron having excellent benefits on his CV ability, WHILE using tren.

Could be good!


\I'm not really given to posting a whole lot but saw this and thought i would.

Taking steroids to get bigger - your own choice.

Taking steroids to compete in bodybuilding - level playing field as at a professional level i assume the vast majority are on the sauce.

Taking steroids to compete in paid sport - cheating.

Taking steroids for combat sports - retarded. Its one thing when it makes you look better, play a game better but when you're punching someone in the head, locking on a submission etc with added strength you're taking a liberty with someone elses safety and possibly even their life.

I'd like to see anyone caught in mma juicing get much tougher sanctions levied against them.

You're 270, why not just TRAIN to get stronger and then TRAIN to hold your endurance.

In this instance you should play the cards dealt to you not put some up your sleeve.

That always ended badly in the wild west.....


You know, I agree, not a big fan of MMA so I have never really thought about it. But I think its a decent point. Whether this is the place to debate it, not sure.


I think it's safe to say that no one thinks cheating is a good thing. But people are going to do what they want. Faceless individuals on a forum are hardly going to have an impact on that decision. Not really a topic worth debating.


I agree wholeheartedly. But overall i give limited steroid advice here and learn more too.. People dont come here for lectures on morality in sport.
Morality in health and safety with the application of AAS? Maybe.

But as mentioned - i do agree with you.


At your current size, your already at the top of the weight classes for MMA. You might as well try and work with what you have right now; unless it's all fat and your a useless SOB.


I think its naive to think that profesional fighter dont use steroids judging not only by their physiques and the amount of times some of them have been caught

mma is a rough sport and steroids help you heal faster and train longer

they will not make your technique any better though so dont think bigger muscles equals better fighter

if youre going to do it anyway i wouldnt blame you since i beleive the aspect of "fair play" is not involved in sports anymore


i agree with most of what you said here and with Brook about people coming for information and not a morality lecture so sorry if it came across agressive - not my intention. My last post on this so no more hijack of your thread.



Whatever cycle you plan on using leading up to your competition (Test based+ ), I would recommend 30-50mg ED of Halotestin your last week before competition. You may have to use higher doses to find the right amount for you based on your bodyweight. Experiment and see.

Then, 30 minutes prior to competition, use about 1-2mg of Cheque Drops.

More importantly, have a good game plan suitable to your style and opponent and then stick to it as best you can. Make him play your game, you have to be the boss in the cage, the ring, or the mat.

Using the 'Ace up your sleeve' to train harder is fine, but don't expect it to do the work for you, or to formulate a great game plan based on your opponent.

PS. Most amateur/smaller pro organizations do not test so you're golden there




Masteron really helped my cardio while on tren. Noticed it within a few days of starting the masteron. The cycle was

700 test P /week
500 tren A /week
500 Mast /week

Im not sure the pumps tren will give you will be overly good for fighting though. I might suggest Test and anavar as a more suitable combo for MMA.

I have one fiend who is MMA out here and his fight cycles are test/mast/var and they seem to work really well for him. his dosages are 1/2 mine though. 50mg test ED, 25mg Var ED, 50mg Mast ED. He bumps the var up to 50mg ED the week of the fight, and uses 75 the day of.

The gear only helps so much. He trains his balls off and has incredible technique so the gear is only part of his success. But I think in fighting less is more.




How long did you run the tren ace for? Btw, I'm not sure I could handle 500mg of tren a per week. I'm having enough trouble dealing with about 260mg per week.


Thanks for the info. Just curious, why the Halotestin and Cheque Drops?


They're both potent androgens - particularly Cheque Drops - and can be particularly useful in bringing out an aggressive performance, whether fighting or lifting.


Whotookmyname said it best.

Halo and cheque drops help really bring out the 'killer instinct' especially if you're beginning to fatigue from weight cutting and/or deliberate over-training when peaking before a competition.

Both also have a positive effect on strength and V02 Max.

Just be careful with the cheque drops, that's why I would restrict them to just prior to your fight.

Of course you don't have to worry about weight cutting you lucky SOB.



You will only be hurting your development as a fighter by using, especially since you are new to MMA. Technique and cardio should be your number 1 and 2 priorities. The best fighters in the world are rarely the strongest for a reason.


Of course technique and cardio are important. No one said to forget those and to just not train and go on a cycle and then become the 'ultimate fighter.'

Certain stacks can increase your cardio as well as recovery. The greater your recovery, the more frequently you can train at higher intensities. Increased training frequency leads to increased technique.

Let's not forget the inevitable odds of training injuries. On a long enough timeline it's not a matter of if they will happen but when. Certain stacks combined with intelligent rehabilitation methods will increase recovery allowing you to return to increased training frequency which will restore your cardio and technique quicker than not using.

I'm not trying to convince everyone interested in MMA/combat sports to juice, just to accept the facts.

If you don't want to use because of moral reasons, then more power to you. That is your individual choice.

The bottom line is that if you slack in training and then do a cycle expecting the gear to fill in for your lack of work ethic you will fail.

On the other hand, if you already have a strong athletic base and work ethic, supplementing with gear will make you all that much more of a monster.

Drug Tests exist for a reason. Of course just because someone pisses clean doesn't mean they didn't use, but that's a story for another time.



I completly agree with this.It is great getting stronger.However for the extra muscle u will have you will need to improve your cardio in the same way.You can hit the weights as hard as u want and still have something left but when it comes to MMA and BJJ it's a totally different game.They are 2 of the toughest sports on cardio.

The more muscle the more blood and oxygen those muscles need.A favourite line from an old coach is "cardio kills the toughest guys".It just has a way of making people quit.What ever way u go try to avoid the steroids that do hurt your cardio(Tren being 1).Also you should look at lean muscle mass gains.

From what has been published about athlete's being caught in drug tests and the steroid they used.Sean Sherk was nailed with Deca and Chris Leben was caught with Winny.I'm guessing these worked for them.Also If u had a chance to see Sherk training.It seemed that every aspect of his training was cardio related.

My biggest suggestion would be to make 80% of ur training to involve cardio with what u are doing.Circuit training would be the obvious choice but pretty much every exercise u do will still have muscles that are working that are specific to the sport.So AAS will still strengthen those muscles.

I have heard Deca is great for the joints,Mast and anavar are good for the cardio while putting on lean muscle mass.

I can still remember seeing Leben fighting Bisping thinking how he looked to be in the best shape of his life.Then it came out he test positive for aas.