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Best Cycle for Dry Gains?

Current Stats
182.4 lbs bw
12-14% body fat (haven’t had a scan since before bulk)

Ok guys hope everyone is doing well in quarantine. This being my first post in what feels like a while I would like to update my account. I ended up cycling Sustanon 250 only cycle for my first one and saw impressive gains with very minimal sides. The cycle lasted 10 weeks and was 500mg every t/th and my pct was 40mg nolva weeks 1-2 and 20mg nolva weeks 3-4. My bw went up from 172-200.8 with a very small increase in fat.

I was looking for an easy cycle to be able to do again possibly. The issue with sustanon was the amount of water retention and the gains dropping off shortly after the cycle. I did keep most of the gains but because of lockdown they have been majorly reduced. I was looking online and have seen cycles of winstrol and anavar. Is this stuff worth it? has anybody ran either one of these compounds on a cycle? I feel anavar is too expensive to not produce results and the effects of winstrol seem extremely mild also.

I would like to do something to lean me out and make me appear harder(no homo)
Any ideas?

If it is me I would do test and EQ. Not the driest, but dryer than the same amount if just test. Haven’t done EQ, but theoretically it would meet your goals.

Winny is too hard on joints for me to use it as I train for strength.

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If you have money, low dose Test + Primo + Anavar. My favorite cycle, recently ran it Test 200mg/week, Primo 800mg/wk, Anavar 20mg/day for 20 weeks. Dry, lean gains, and one of the healthiest/side effect free cycles.

In my experience it is worth it and does produce results. It’s not a weak girl drug like some like to believe. It’s the only oral I’ll run aside from Proviron.

test at 200mg a week? why’s that? did u take any combatants for ur liver. would u run just var and test? i’m assuming u kept the test low to hold back the water gains? i have lots of questions and have heard of the compound primo. i may be wrong but is primo like a more humanized version of tren, or is there something i’m completely missing

You asked about dry gains, test is a wet compound. 200mg/wk of test is the highest dose I can run with no AI and no water retention.

I ran NAC for liver but my liver is fine on 20mg/day Anavar. Bloodwork showed
liver enzymes only slightly elevated, still in normal range.

You are correct, Primo is a milder Tren without the side effects.

They are both steroids, but not based on the same base hormone. Primo is a dht derivative, tren is a nandralone derivative. I’m not sure milder tren is a good description.

i’ve been looking and if i were to run 800mg/week of primo i would be running up some budget, seems rly pricey? the vials from an unnamed source are 90 dollars for only 1000mgs total. Since the test is so low at 200mg would it be possible to just ran an hcg and anavar cycle? just curious

That’s what I’m going to do whenever the world opens back up again. I’ve seen several people get amazing results on 400-500mg/weekTest with 50-75mg/day Anavar. Primo would be awesome but not sure I’d risk the money in such uncertain times. It would sure suck to be 7 weeks in on the Primo and have all the gyms shutdown again.

I did EQ a long time ago and it was absolutely incredible. Lean gains and major jump in ability to do cardio. My appetite was easily twice what it normally was and I still got leaner.

I don’t think the risk reward ratio is very good with it. It would work, but you probably won’t gain a whole lot.

I’m aware they’re very different drugs chemically. I’m talking about in terms of results. Lean, dry muscle mass on a bulk and both great for recomp, provided Primo is run high enough. I’ll never touch Tren after seeing the results Primo can deliver with little to no side effects.