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best cycle for alot of power with out an increse in bodyweight?

hi im awieghtlifter and i would
like your comments about what
is the best cycle to get stronger
without gaining bodyweight{im in 69kl catgory}.cant take something that is
stay lond in the body becuse of drugs tests that i have…thanks for your time!

Well one thing you could do is go the grey area direction and take either 1-test or hydroxytest, the washington post reported that the IOC has not found a way to detect either of these yet. Although this will only last so long. By the way, both of these are available in cypionate forms and can be converted into injectables.

Trenbolone & Anavar. You could also use Dbol or Anadrol but both will effect your bodyweight more then Anavar.

what is that thung that you worte
on the gray area?more detalis plese?
what it does exectly and how i get it?
2)how about winstrol{oral}and anaver cycle?dosge advice plese?
3)dident here about trebolone?what kind is that?

He’s from Israel, so that’s why his English is bad. That, and he doesn’t understand a lot of it.