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Best Cycle After ACL Reconstruction?


Hey guys I am new to the site but was wondering what you alls opinion on the most beneficial cycle post acl reconstruction would be. Some information on myself would be that i am a 25 yo male, former college athlete. Currently 5’ 10" at 210 lbs around 8% bf. I would consider myself to be experienced in the gym and have been lifting for around 10 years posting my best numbers of a 545 lb back squat, 625 deadlift and 405 bench.

My current injury is ruptured acl, lateral and medial meniscus tears and pitted cartilage on the ends of my bones. This will be my third knee surgery ( first was arthroscopic minisectomy, and second was acl reconstruction both on the same knee as current injury) and I am looking to maximize my recovery and lifting potential after my next surgery so that I can begin to compete against to the best of my ability. This will be my first time using aas or anything of that nature, what would you guys reccomend?