Best Cutting Diet

ok guys, i’m going for a trip in a week (yeah i know…should have started earlier) and i wanna know what you guys have had the most success with for leaning down quickly. also about diuretics and so forth. i’m currently about 205 and like 7% or so. thanks alot.

I don’t think you can do much cutting in 1 week. Search for threads on contest prepping, and it’ll talk about some tricks you can do, but that’s about it.

Chicken/Fish and Vegetables

how about a fat fast?

You can tighten up quite a bit and drop 1-3lbs if you cut out carbs completely. You will see a 10lb drop in about 4 days but most will be water. The last few days is where the fat is lost. Train normal but add in energy systems work til about 3-4 days in, after that you won’t want to do it. I would then use the vacation meals as a carb up/ refeed. Normally i deplete for 5 days, and carb for 2, and than repeat.

Guru X

If you were really 7% at 205, you wouldn’t be concerned about ripping up.