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Best Cutting Diet

Ok guys, hands down, which method- straight keto, some form of carb reduction(30 to 100 g per day)- do you think is best for cutting, that is, you retain most of your muscle and lose fat at a relatively good pace?

“Please, everyone, please give me an easy answer to a difficult question!”

Sorry, bud, ain't gonna happen.

Cyclic ketogenic diet. Body opus number one for preserving lean body mass.

YOu will probably have to try them all to see what is best for you. The t-dawg works good for me. I don’t handle the no-carb thing to well.

Since last June I’ve lost 60lbs of fat and gained at least 25 pounds of muscle 50p/30c/20f. I don’t count the 4 tbs of high-ligand cold pressed flax oil and 4 grams of fish oil a day. I get at least 180 grams of blended protein powder daily and at least 180 grams of protein daily from real food. Mostly chicken breast, salmon and steak. I do a walk/sprint combo 3 or 4 times a week, and weights 6 days a week. For some great meal plans check out www.zoneperfect.com /Site/content/mealplans_7d14b.asp I add three 60g protein shakes to these meals. My current supplement are 6 MD6, 2 Yohimbe Fuel and 2 doses of MAG-10 daily. I hate coming off the MAG-10, but I do. After two bottles of Tribex 500 and M, I go back on. BTW I’m 46 years old 6’5" 240 lbs. I am still in the process of replacing another 30 lbs of fat with muscle. God bless T-mag.