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Best Cutting Cycle?


planning on doing a cutting cycle in a few months and was woundering what in your opinion is the "best" cutting cycle.

so far ive been looking at prop/masteron/winny + albuterol/taurine as a cutting cycle but looking to see what the pros think.

wouldnt mind gaining a pound or 2 of muscle at the same time.

so to sum it up im lookn to cut while maintaining as much muscle at possible, the diet i got in mind will be:
2.5-3k cals
2gs of protien per body pound
300gs~ clean carbs
30-45 aerobic cardio 5 times a week
+ regular workout routine

am i looking at this all wrong for cutting? let me know.



Cycle looks fine, but the thing that raises a flag to me is that you mention consuming 300gm of carbs and 2gm per LBW, assuming that you weight around 200lbs that only leaves 22gm of fats! Let's get some stats as far as height and bodyweight as well as past cycle experience so that we can help you up to our best ability.


im not looking to do a cutting cycle for quite some time, first im going to be doing a bulking cycle. just trying to plan out which gear i should be taking for cutting, as for where i get my gear it takes time to ship. planning on doing a cutting cycle sometime in 08 before summer. so as far as stats go i should be alot bigger by then.